The Auratone Studio is a formidable recording and mixing environment. It lives in a huge converted barn spread across two light-filled and spacious floors. The main recording room is  located at ground level, with adjoining recreation room and kitchen area. 
The Control Room A is our new SSL Living Room with a intimate atmosphere and a stunning SSL4000E/G+ Console 48/96Ch.16x E Brown Eq´s, 16x Maselec Eq´s, 8x G+ Eq´s, 8x E Black Eq´s,Total Recall and Automation with a countless number one Hit Records History as Tears for Fears, Queen and many more. 
The Control Room B has a Harrison 4032 B Original Vintage 1977 Console 48/88 Channels, 40 Direct Out, 32 Buss, Quad Out, with Allison Research Automation, (MJ, ABBA, Sade, Queen, Spliff, Nena and many more), recently refurbished by Nenad Dragicevic. 
It is joined by a great selection of monitors: Dangerous Monitor ST, RTW 10800XPlus Surround Meter, Westlake BBSM12, B&W 802 Nautilus, Urei 809, Genelec 1031A, Yamaha NS10M and Auratone 5C, powered by Bryston Class A Amps. Sat behind the desk is the outboard, including many Dynamics, API 2500, Manley Vari MU Mastering, Manley Vari MU, Manley Stereo Pultec, Manley ELOP, Neve 33609, DBX160VU, DBX162VU, DBX160A, Teletronix LA2, LA3, LA22, Urei1176 LN, Urei1178, Urei LA4, UA 1176LN Black, ADR F600, Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso Jr. Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor. Of particular note are Neve1073, Siemens V72, Vintech X73, Manley VoxBox, Manley VariMU, Manley Stereo Pultec, Maselec MEA2, Universal LA 610 MKII, Millennia 3HV, Oram Sonic HD EQ2, Urei 546 Stereo Eq, DBX900 Compression Rack, and Universal Twinity. Effects and Reverb Rack with Lexicon 480L v.4.1, Lexicon 224 v.4.4, PCM70, Eventide H3000, TC 2290, Yamaha Rev.7, Yamaha SPX90, AMS RMX16, Roland RE201, Roland SDE330, Yamaha ProR3, Bricasti M7, Yamaha SPX990 and many more.
The Studio is running as 48 Channel In/Out on Logic Studio 9, ProTools 11. The Studer A820 and A80 MKIII Tape Machine are perfect synchronized with the DAW with Adam Smith Zeta Three and Studer TLS4000, Dolby SR is available. The Apple MacPro 8-Core 64GB/2x1TB plus SSD 512GB 840 Pro Series Computer is the hub of each control room.
The spectacular recording room features an acoustically optimized ceiling and original wooden beams. The room further comprises a beautiful wooden floor and three high stone walls that produce a fantastic live sound. Several windows look out on the rural surroundings and flood the room with glorious daylight. Draw the ample curtains and you can soften the echo to achieve a more 'dead' sound. The room houses a Yamaha vintage recording drum kit, Original Hammond B3 with 147 Leslie made 1960, Fender Rhodes MK1 and stunning Bechstein grand piano dating from 1904.
On the opposite side of the control room is the second live space. As in the main live room, musicians will benefit from a wooden floor and high ceiling, and again plenty of daylight. The room is a guitarist's dream. It is filled with numerous beautifully maintained models such as Fender and Gibson, and amps by Fender, Ampeg, Pignose, Roland JC, Mesa Boogie, Peavy and Vox. This second live room offers a different experience - the room is built entirely from wood, supplemented by Hofa-Akustik modules and topped by a high ceiling for a live feel. Glazed panels set into the walls enable visual contact between rooms. The studio is equipped with Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Schöps, Neumann, Royer, EV, AKG, Shure and many other microphones. Specially designed Hofa-Akustic absorption/diffuser panels provide an assortment of bass traps and full range absorption.
Opposite the second live room is a good-sized isolation booth, which is perfect for vocal recording and is also very suitable for tracking guitars. All the rooms benefit from score displays, 4x 16 Channel Personal Headphone Mixer as well as video link to the entire studio facility.       Come and enjoy.  Have great fun making great music!

IMPRESSUM: Copyright 2015 Auratonestudio Robert Fertl Hornlohe 2 D-85290 Geisenfeld

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Paul Brown 2x Grammy Winner recording with Threestyle

Reinhold Mack Producer, recording at Auratonestudio.

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